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How to Block Spam Texts Messages and Unwanted calls?

Spam Messages and Unwanted Calls

Spam texts and unwanted calls are an almost unavoidable nuisance of modern communication. Often generated by automatic software robots, they seem to be constantly increasing in numbers.

Not only these are time-wasting, but they can also present a serious security concern. While some unsolicited texts and calls are legitimate promotions of products or services, many are actually sent by scammers!

To be safe:

  • Hang up on an unsolicited call as soon as you recognize it as such and do not call back the number it originated from.

  • Do not reply to spam text messages and never click or open any links they contain as these can try to install malicious software on your device or provide the sender with some information about you that will just lead to more spam.

  • Block the number instead of opting out! While legitimate marketers are supposed to include opt-out instructions in their text messages, you just have no way of knowing if the sender is legitimate or not. A scammer may actually try to trick you to click a link or confirm your number with opt-out instructions. Therefore, again, do not reply or open any links. Block the number instead.

The FCC has some helpful resources for dealing with the problem, but the best option is to simply block any numbers where you received unwanted calls or texts from.

Blocking and Unblocking Text Messages (SMS/MMS)

You block an SMS message or a call by blocking the phone number they were sent from. 

All messages or calls for a blocked number are marked with  .

To block a number:

  • Open the spam message on the Messages screen or the unwanted call on the Calls Log screen.

  • Select    at the top-right, and select  . Select BLOCK when prompted.

  • The name or number of the sender will be added to the blocked numbers list in the TeleConsole Settings under the Calls or Messages settings.

  • Calls or messages from blocked numbers will now be automatically rejected.

If a number is already blocked you will see the option to  or you can remove it from the blocked numbers list by selecting MANAGE BLOCKED NUMBERS and    next to a contact's name or number.