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Hubspot Integration

Hubspot and Telebroad

Hubspot is a cloud software suite that helps businesses manage marketing, sales, content, and customer service. In its core Hubspot is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and the integration we offer works with this CRM.

The integration is configured from the Admin Center and works with our TeleConsole desktop/web app. It cross-references phone numbers for inbound or outbound calls with your Hubspot account and lets you open the related contact/client details directly in Hubspot with one click. You can also enter call notes in the TeleConsole and they will be saved in Hubspot. 

You can also add contacts to Hubspot directly from the TeleConsole and use all the other functions of the TeleConsole to call, text, and fax clients or communicate with phone system colleagues using the Team Chat feature.

Admin Center Configuration

To configure the integration sign in to the Admin Center and select App Integration>Hubspot.

Each account you have with Hubspot is configured separately and is referred to as an agency. An active and properly configured integration is marked with  and you can click this icon to temporarily disable the integration instead of deleting it.

Select any existing agency to edit or select ADD NEW AGENCY to integrate a new account. Check any agency and select   to delete it.

Agency (Integration) Settings

When you add or edit an agency you will enter the following fields:

Name: The name of the Hubspot account.

Description (optional): A description of the Hubspot account.

Users: From the drop-down list here check all the phone system users that will be granted access to the integration.

Log All Calls: Use this toggle to enable or disable logging of TeleConsole calls in Hubspot (see more about call logs below). 

Connecting the Integration

After entering the Agency settings you still need to activate and connect the integration.

To do so simply click next to the Hubspot account you wish to connect. You will be asked to sign into your Hubspot account (if you have not already done so). Now select the account you want to connect and click Choose Account. Another window will open explaining the access the integration will be granted. Click Connect app to connect and activate the integration. 

The icon will turn green indicating the integration has been successfully connected. 

If you click the icon to disable the integration you will need to reconnect it again.

The Hubspot Integration and the TeleConsole

Once the Hubspot integration is configured on the Admin Center, it becomes available to use on the TeleConsole desktop/web app (TeleConsole user guides are available here) for users who were granted access to it.

The Hubspot integration button will show in a panel on the right side. Clicking it will expand the integration window and clicking the Hubspot pull-down menu will display the integration options.

 To use the integration a user needs to sign into his Hubpot account on the default web browser.

Adding New Contacts

For phone numbers that don't exist as contacts in the Hubspot account (and therefore cannot be  cross-referenced) you will be offered to Add (the contact) to hubspot. Fill in the First name, Last name, and Email for the contact and click CREATE CONTACT. Any additional details for the contact need to be added in Hubspot directly.

You can also add the contact to your TeleConsole contacts by selecting Create Contact (under the phone number of the contact). With TeleConsole contacts you can add different phone numbers, label them, and select if t the contact is private (available only to you) or public (available to all phone system users). You can read more about TeleConsole contats here .

Integration Options in the Teleconsole

The integration can be used with phone numbers that exist and can be cross-referenced in the Hubspot account.

For such numbers, the integration options will be available when dialing a contact (with the  Start a Call button), selecting a call log with a phone number of a contact, or when answering an incoming call from a contact. 

Click the integration button to expand the integration panel and click the Hubspot pull-down menu to show the integration options:

  • The name of the contact is a clickable link that will open his CRM page in Hubspot.

  • Click the arrow toggle () next to the name of the contact to display the Company, Email, and Owner details for the contact.

    This will also let you select a Call Outcome  and enter  a call Note.

Call Logs and Notes

Call logs from the TeleConsole, including CALL NOTES and CALL OUTCOME, are created for each call when the Log All Calls option is enabled in the Admin Center.

To see the call logs go to Contact>Calls menu in Hubsot.

If you don't see call notes or outcome click Edit columns and make sure the relevant columns are checked. Drag the columns up or down to rearrange their appearance order and make them more visible without scrolling the screen. Click Apply to keep the changes you made. 

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