Selecting a Ring Tone Type for Lines and Contacts

You can select from the different ring types to distinguish between lines, have a different ring from your neighbor's phone, or associate a tone with a specific contact.

To change the incoming ring type for a line:

  • If multiple lines are configured on your phone, first use the Up and Down keys to select the one you want to set the ring tone for.

  • Press the Menu key and select Settings > Basic > Ring Type.

  • Using Up and Down select the desired ring type and press the Play soft key to hear the selection.


  • Press the Select soft key to change to the selected ring type.

  • Press Menu or Left key repeatedly to return to the idle display.

To change the ring type for a contact:

  • Press the Dir soft key.
  • Use Up and Down to scroll through the list to find the contact and Select it.

  • Press the Edit soft key and press the Down key repeatedly until the Ring Type field is displayed.


  • Press Select to edit the Ring Type.

  • Press Left to remove an existing value, if one exists, and enter the number corresponding to one of the ring types available.

  • Press the Ok or Cancel soft keys to accept or cancel changes.

  • Press Left repeatedly to return to the idle display.

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