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The GET/voicemail request returns the general settings of a particular mailbox. These settings apply for all voicemail or fax messages in the mailbox.   

The response has the following fields of information:

  • uniqueid - a unique system ID for the mailbox. 
  • context - a system ID for the type of mailbox context (specific system configuration and settings.) This is usually 1532, unless a special configuration is required.
  • mailbox - the mailbox number (the phone line it is associated with.) 
  • description - description of the mailbox purpose (usually the same as the full name of the owner.)
  • password  - a PIN password that is required for accessing messages in the mailbox by either remote manual entry or by automatic authentication with a physical phone or the TeleConsole.
  • owner - a unique system ID for owner of the mailbox. A "0" value for no specific owner.
  • fullname  - full name of the owner of the mailbox.
  • email - email of the owner of the mailbox.
  • pager -  a backup email address (in addition for for the owner's) for sending notifications about new voicemail or fax messages received.
  • pager_attach -  a "1" value to attach a .wav (or fax PDF) file of the message to the email sent to the backup address ("pager"). A value of "0" not to attach the voicemail.  
  • notify_only - a "1" value to delete messages after a notification is sent. A value of "0" not to delete after notification. This can help with avoiding duplications when messages are heard both directly from the mailbox and as an attachment.
  • options - options (values) specified here will cause specific owner's mailbox settings to override global system mailbox settings.   
  • stamp - data and time when the mailbox was created. 
  • play - the order in which new voicemail messages will be played, either "oldest" (starting with the one that arrived earlier) or "newer" (starting with the most recent one).
  • attach - a "yes" value to attach a .wav (or fax PDF) file of the message to SMS notification about new messages. 
  • saycid - a "yes" value plays the caller ID of the caller before the voicemail message. 
  • sayduration - a "yes" value plays the duration of voicemail message.
  • review - a "yes" value gives the caller the option to review their message and record it again before it is delivered to the mailbox. 
  • operator -  a "yes" value allows the user to press 0 to connect to an operator or go back to the IVR menu. 
  • envelope - a "yes" value to play the time a message was left, "no" not to.
  • nextaftercmd - a "yes" will play the next message after a user has deleted or saved the cu 
  • maxmsg - maximum number of messages the mailbox is allowed to hold.  
  • maxsecs - maximum  allowable duration of a message in seconds. Longer messages will get truncated. A value of 0 indicates no limit.
  • minsecs - minimum allowable duration of a message in seconds (shorter messages will not be saved.)
  • maxgreet - maximum allowable greeting length, in seconds, that the owner can record or upload.
  • skipms - a duration, in milliseconds, that specifies the amount of skipping performed when a user pushed a button to skip forward or backward while playing a message. 
  • maxsilence - a duration, in seconds, of allowed silence before the recording a voicemail is stopped.
  • silencethreshold - an audio value  (the default is 128) that defines for the system the minimum sound level to consider that the caller is silent. Once the caller is considered silent the system counts until the "maxsilence" value is reached and stops the recording of a voicemail. 
  • maxlogins - the number of allowable login (password entry) attempts before the user is disconnected from the mailbox. The user has to recconnect and try again to gain access to the mailbox. 
  • hidefromdir -  a "yes" value will hide the mailbox from the dial-by-name directory.
  • language - the language for the interactive voice responses of the mailbox. 
  • timezone - a user's selected time zone for the mailbox. If the field is an empty string, the default time zone (the "tz" field) will be used.
  • tz - default time zone for the mailbox.
  • notify_for - which type of messages to notify for. A 'voicemail_fax' value for both voicemails and faxes (received at the associated fax line of the owner), 'voicemail' just for voicemails, or 'fax' just for faxes.
  • notify_dtype - Destination type for notification call. Usually an empty string.
  • notify_dnumber - destination number for a notification call about new messages. Empty string for no one.
  • notify_ltype - a login type required for accessing the mailbox from a notification call. A value of 'voicemailbox' will connect to a specific mailbox without requiring a PIN, 'voicemailboxpin' value will connect to a specific mailbox and require a PIN to be entered, and a 'voicemaillogin' value will have the call's recipient enter both a mailbox number and its PIN.
  • notify_email - whom to notify by email about new messages . A 'owner_wav' value for the mailbox owner with attached .wav file of the voicemail, 'owner' for the mailbox owner without attached .wav file, or an empty string for no one.
  • notify_message  - whom to notify by SMS about new messages. A 'owner' value for the mailbox owner's mobile number or an empty string for no one. 
  • dtype - the destination type the caller will be directed to if he presses 0 after arriving in the mailbox.
  • dnumber - the destination number the caller will be directed to if he presses 0 after arriving in the mailbox.
  • callerid - a caller ID applied to notification calls about new messages. The caller ID is withheld if the string in empty.
  • panel - the type of control panel for the mailbox. Usually this is a value of "0" for users, but for administrators it is "1" giving them more access privileges and options.  
  • temporary_active -  a value of "1" indicates the mailbox is active and can accept messages. A value of "0" indicates it is temporarily not active. 
  • transcribe - a value of "1" will have voicemail transcribed and delivered as text to the owner's email. The transcription service requires additional fees and setup.  
  • display - how the name plus the description of the mailbox  displayed in a physical phone connected to it or in an app/service that accesses it.


All parameters go in the header.

mailboxstringThe number for the mailbox for which the settings are requested, in case the user has


To get the settings for a user's mailbox number numbered 113840 use this syntax:

HTTPS method: GET



{ "error": null, 


        {"uniqueid": "16965", 

        "context": "1532", 

        "mailbox": "1113840", 

        "description": "Rick Goodwin", 

        "password": "5345", 

        "owner": "13690", 

        "fullname": "", 

        "email": "", 

        "pager": "admin@bigcompany.com", 

        "pager_attach": "1", 

        "notify_only": "0", 

        "options": "", 

        "stamp": "2018-12-14 05:01:33", 

        "play": "oldest", 

        "attach": "yes", 

        "saycid": "yes", 

        "sayduration": "no", 

        "review": "yes", 

        "operator": "yes", 

        "envelope": "yes", 

        "nextaftercmd": "yes", 

        "maxmsg": "100", 

        "maxsecs": "300", 

        "minsecs": "3", 

        "maxgreet": "120", 

        "skipms": "3000", 

        "maxsilence": "10", 

        "silencethreshold": "128", 

        "maxlogins": "3", 

        "hidefromdir": "no", 

        "language": "", 

        "timezone": "", 

        "tz": "est5edt", 

        "notify_for": "voicemail_fax", 

        "notify_dtype": "", 

        "notify_dnumber": "", 

        "notify_ltype": "voicemailbox", 

        "notify_email": "owner_wav", 

        "notify_message": "", 

        "dtype": "hangup", 

        "dnumber": "", 

        "message_sent": "0", 

        "callerid": "", 

        "panel": "0", 

        "temporary_active": "1", 

        "transcribe": "0", 

        "display": "1113840 Rick Goodwin" 



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