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Registration With a DECT Base Station

The Konftel 300Wx has to be registered with a base station before it can be used. Both the base station and the Konftel 300Wx have to be put into registration mode. Here we explain how to register with a Konftel DECT base station, but registration with base stations from other manufacturers is certainly possible.

If your Konftel 300Wx was bundled with a Konftel base station, the conference phone will already be registered with the base station.

Konftel DECT Base Station Registration Mode

Registration on the base station must be enabled before you try to register the phone with it.

  • Do one of the following:

    • Hold down the key/LED on the base station for at least 3 seconds.

    • Disconnect and reconnect the power supply. A Konftel DECT Base station is automatically set to registration mode when it is connected to the power supply.

  • The LED flashes rapidly indicating the base station is now in registration mode.

    Once registration has been completed, the LED will stop flashing.

  • If the base station does not identify a DECT phone within 10 minutes, the registration mode will switch off automatically.

Konftel 300Wx Registration Process

Four different base stations can be registered in the Konftel 300Wx. If no base station has been programmed, choose to register with base no. 1 on the second step below.


  • Select a base (1–4) and press    to confirm.

  • Enter the base station’s security code (PIN code) and press    to confirm.

    The Konftel DECT base station default PIN is 0000.

    If this doesn't work (resulting in a failed registration) please obtain the correct code from your phone system administrator or factory reset the base station.

  • The Konftel 300Wx will now search for a base station in registration mode.

    If registration was successful, the word SUCCESS will appear in the display.

  • Registration can be interrupted by pressing   

Failed Registration

If registration was not successful, the word FAILURE will appear in the display. 

Possible reasons for failed registration are:

  • Incorrect security code. Contact your phone system administrator regarding the correct code or factory reset the base station.

  • A PARK code might be needed. PARK is a function that makes it possible to lock a handset/conference phone to a specific base station using a security code.

    Activate PARK  (> SETTINGS > DECT > PARK) and try to register again using your PARK code.

  •  No base station within range or not activated in registration mode.

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