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Poly VVX 401/411 – Call Transfer (Consultative/Blind)

Types of Call Transfer

On the Poly VVX 401/411 you can transfer an active or a held call in two ways:

  • Blind Transfer: Transfers the call directly to another line without first speaking with the intended recipient of the transfer.

  • Consultative TransferEnables you to speak with the intended recipient of the transfer before completing the transfer.

    A semi-consultative transfer is when you transfer a call when you hear a ringback from the recipient without actually talking with him.

Another transfer method, using Telebroad's system features, allows you to transfer a call directly to a voicemail of your choice.

Changing the Default Transfer Type

Consultative is the default transfer type but you can change that to Blind transfer and vice versa. 

To change the default transfer type:

  • Select Settings from the Home view and navigate to Basic>Preferences.

  • Select the Default Transfer Type option and choose either Consultative or Blind

Transferring a Call

You can transfer a call with the default or non-default transfer type. 

To transfer a call:

  • During a call do one of the following:

    • Press the Transfer soft key or    to use the default transfer type.

    • Press and hold the Transfer soft key or    to use the non-default transfer type.

      For example, if Blind is the default transfer, press and hold the Transfer soft key or    to perform a Consultative transfer.

    • Press the Transfer soft key or    , select More, and select Blind or Consultative.

  • Dial a number or select Directory, Recent, or Favorites and choose a contact.

    If you selected Directory you can further select Contact Directory or Corporate Directory (the latter has to be activated on your phone by an administrator.)

  • If the transfer type is set to Blind, the call is transferred immediately.

  • If the transfer type is set to Consultative, press the Transfer soft key or   again after speaking with the contact or when you hear a ring-back sound (Semi-Consultative transfer).

    You can also place the handset back in the cradle to complete the transfer.

  • To cancel the transfer before the call connects, select Cancel. 

    The held call will become active again and you can talk with the original caller.