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Hold and Resume

You can place an active call on hold. Only one active call can be in progress at any time. Other calls can be made and received while placing the original call on hold. When you  place a call on hold, your phone may play music to the other party while waiting.

To place a call on hold:

  • Press the Hold soft key during a call.

  • LED indicators flash green. The LCD screen indicates that the call is on hold.

  • The phone will beep softly every 30 seconds to remind you that you still have a call on hold.

To resume a held call:

  • Press the Resume soft key.

Multiple Calls on Hold

If multiple calls are placed on hold:

  • Press    or    to switch between the calls, and then press the Resume soft key to retrieve the desired call.

  • If more than one call is placed on hold, a numbered prompt appears on the LCD screen, for example "2/3", indicating that this is the second call out of three calls.