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Yealink T58W/VP59 – Registering and Switching SIP Accounts

SIP Accounts on the Yealink T58W/VP59

To use your T58W/VP59 phone it needs to connect to our servers using a SIP account. Your phone line, voicemail, and entire calling activity are associated to this account.

When we or your phone system administrator provision a phone, the SIP account of the primary user gets registered in the process. 

You can register additional accounts manually if you need to use more than one phone number or if your phone is shared with other users.

Only one account can actually be active at any given time, but the multiple registrations allow users to easily switch between accounts/phone lines instead of having to log out/log in to a different account every time.

Registering a New Account

Finding Out the SIP User Name and Password

When registering a SIP account you need to provide a user name password.

The user name is usually the same as your PBX phone number. It will be something like 113842. It will not be your DID number or any caller ID associated with your line!

  The SIP username and password are different from the username and password you use for signing in to the TeleConsole!

If you don't know the SIP user name and password, you can obtain them with the GET/myProfile API request. To use this request you do need to authenticate with your TeleConsole username and password! Refer to these articles to learn how to use API requests.

Your username is the name field and your password is the secret field. Both are found under the phones category in the API response. 

Performing a Registering

Up to 16 accounts can be registered on a T58W/VP59 phone. 

You can register from the phone itself or by using the web user interface.

To register a new account from the phone:

  • Swipe left/right to go to the second idle screen and tap Settings  (  ).

  • Select Advanced Settings. If prompted for a password enter the default password (admin) or the current admin password of the phone.

  • Select Accounts.

  • Select and enable an account you want to register (1-16).

  • Enter the SIP user name and password for the account you are registering in the relevant fields.

  • In the Server Host field enter Telebroad's server address push.telebroad.com (push2.telebroad.com also works.)

  • In the Label field you can enter a name for the account to identify it on your phone. If you skip this the default name will be the same as your phone line or user name for the account.

  • In the Display Name field you can enter a caller ID for the account.

  • Tap   to finish the registration.

To register a new account from the web user interface:

  • Access the web user interface as described here.

  • Select the Account tab and (if not already selected) select the Register menu on the side panel.

  • Select an account you want to register (1-16) from the Account drop-down menu.

  • Select Enabled in the Line Active field.

  • Enter the User Name, Password, Server Host, label, and Display Name as described above.

  • Click Confirm to finish the registration.

Switching Account/Phone Line

If there are multiple registered accounts on the phone, you can quickly switch your phone line/number instead of having to log out/log in to a different account every time.

To switch to a different account:

  • Tap the label of the active account at the top left to show the available accounts. The active account is indicated with a checkmark in the list.

  • Tap the account you want to switch to.

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