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Telebroad's eFax (Email to Fax)

  Telebroad system features and apps only work if you have an active Telebroad account! If you don't have one, please contact us to get you started with one of our service plans. Otherwise please contact your current business communication provider or SIP phone manufacturer (see Poly support or Yealink supportfor assistance.

Telebroad's Cloud-Based Faxing Options

Telebroad supports several convenient cloud-based faxing options with our dedicated fax server.

You can send and receive faxes directly from the TeleConsole app (see AndroidiOS, or Windows/macOS/Web versions). 

You can also send faxes using our print2fax Windows driver as well as our Email to Fax solution, discussed below.

To read about the advantages of cloud-based faxing compared to a traditional fax machine see this 


Telebroad offers a handy Windows driver called Print2Fax that allows you to fax documents from any program that supports a printing function. The advantage of this driver is that it converts the documents for you and sends them seamlessly. You can fax any text or graphic document with it.

You can download the driver from www.telebroad.com/downloads/print2fax.exe and can read more about how to use it here

eFax (Email to Fax Service)

If you can't or don't wish to install the Print2Fax driver then you can send faxes by email using Telebroad's eFax service. The disadvantage here is that you need to convert your document into PDF format first.

Configuring Authorized Email Addresses for eFax

Before you can use the eFax service you need to set it up by authorizing email addresses that can be used with it.

To configure eFax:

  • Access www.telebroad.com/login and select eFax.

  • Enter up to three email addresses to be used with the service in the Authorized Email Addresses fields.

  • (optional) Check the Password required box and enter a password to be used with the service in the Password field. Verify the password in the Password again field.

  • In the caller ID drop-down menu select a number that the recipient sees as the source number of the fax.

  • (optional) Enter a fax header line in the From field. If you leave it empty the fax will appear to have been sent from "electronic fax server".

  • Select Update.

Attachment File Format and Sending an Efax

The eFax service only accepts PDF file attachments. There is no limit on the number of pages in the PDF file, but make sure to only have one PDF attachment in your email (so if you have four different documents, combine them into one PDF file.) The only limit is the maximum attachment file size allowed by your email service, commonly 25MB.

Also, if there are any images in your email signature be sure to remove them.

To send a fax with eFax:

  • Compose an email using one of the email addresses you specified above.

  • In the To: field (the recipient), enter the intended fax number using this format FaxNumber@fax.telebroad.com.

    For example 12124449912@fax.telebroad.com

  • If you enabled password protection above, enter the relevant password in the email's Subject field.

  • Attach the fax document to the email. Only one PDF attachment is acceptable.

  • Select Send.

You will receive an email confirmation informing you the fax was sent successfully or letting you know it failed to send and a possible reason for the failure.