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Web Interface Access

The guides for the Konftel 300Wx in this support section shows you how to access features directly from the phone's user interface. For more advanced features and settings or ease of access, you can also customize your phone via the a web user interface. 

Importing and exporting contacts and conference groups, naming user profiles and changing PIN codes is only possible from the web interface.

For security reasons, recordings can only be managed directly on the phone. All other settings that are available on the phone can also be handled via the web interface.

Checking the IP Address

In order to access the web user interface, you need to know the IP address of your new phone. To find the IP address of your phone press    and select the sub menu STATUS>NETWORK

Web Interface Access

Once you have the IP address you can enter it in the address bar of a web browser on a computer or mobile device that are on the same local network as the phone:

  • For example or for the IPv4 protocol.

  • For example  http://[2005:1:1:1:215:65ff:fe64:6e0a] or [2005:1:1:1:215:65ff:fe64:6e0a] for IPv6 protocol.

The web interface will prompt you to select an Admin or User profile and enter the appropriate PIN. The admin profile has additional privileges of being able to view logs, update software and create a configuration file.

The default setting for the PIN code is 0000 for the user account (Default, Profile 1, Profile 2, Profile 3 and Profile 4) and 1234 for the administrator’s account (Admin). 

It is recommended that you change the PIN codes in order to protect the settings. This can be done from the web interface under the Settings>Web interface tab. The code may consist of eight digits. The administrator can always view and change the PIN codes to the user accounts. The administrator’s PIN code can only be reset with a complete reset to factory settings.