How Can I Get Remote Support?

Remote support enhances your support experience. It lets a Telebroad support technician securely view and control your computer temporarily. This allows the technician to show you solutions directly on your computer screen instead of having to just provide instructions over a phone or chat.

To establish a remote support connection you need to download the Remote Support software to your PC. 

The Remote Support software runs as a standalone executable file. It does not install itself on your PC. You need to run it every time you require remote support. The Technician is only able to access your PC after your run the software and establish a connection. When you end the remote support session the technician is no longer able to see or control your PC.

Download the Remote Support software from the Telebroad under the Contact Us menu. Select Remote Support and then click Download in the window that opens.

A file called Telebroad-Support.exe will be downloaded. Click it to run it. If you want to copy it to your desktop or another location that will be easy to access it, you can click the arrow next to it and select Show in folder.

Because the file has an .exe file extension it is possible either your firewall or virus software may prompt you with a warning, alert, or blocking attempt. You will either have to permit the file to run or disable the software temporarily.

Shown here is an example of how the Comodo firewalls blocks the file. It is necessary to click Allow several times to permit different components of the Remote Support software to run. Checking the Remember my answer box ensures that you don't have to go through this process the next time(s) you run Remote Support.

When the software runs you need to accept a disclaimer and then you will be prompted to enter your details.

Once you enter your details the remote support session will start. Unless you were already speaking with a technician on the phone or via chat, you will join a queue until a technician will become available to assist you.

Since the technician may be busy with other tasks, it is advisable you actually contact support via telephone or web chat. To start a chat click   from any page of the Telebroad web site (excluding the Support portal pages).

After a technician connects to the remote support session you can chat with him directly from the Remote Support session. Type a message explaining your issue in the chat window and click Send. Click Clear to delete the chat messages or Transcript to save them as a file.

You can also minimize the Remote Session window to the corner of the screen by clicking .

While the session is in progress both you and the Technician can control the mouse pointer and the keyboard. 

Once the technician has resolved your issue click End Session to end the remote support session and close the window. 

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