Poly SoundStaion 6000 (Discontinued) – Blind Transfer

A call can be transferred in one of three ways:

  • Consultative transfer (see separate article) - you have the option of either talking to the party to whom you are transferring the call, or you can choose not to talk to the party, and complete the transfer when you hear the party’s ring-back sound.

  • Blind transfer - the call is automatically transferred after you dial the number of the party to whom you want to transfer the call. You do not have the option of talking to the party.

  • Attended transfer - set up a conference call and then end your participation in it. The parties are automatically connected to each other after you exit a conference.

    For more information about setting up and ending conferences see this article.

To perform a blind transfer:

  • During a call, press the Transfer soft key.

    The following screen, with the Blind soft key, displays.

  • Press the Blind soft key.

  • The Blind transfer to: screen displays.

  • Place a call to the party to whom you want to transfer the call.

  • The call automatically transfers to the party you specified.

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