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A Personal Communication Hub for Agents and Users

The Teleconsole provides agents and users with an intuitive interface for tracking and managing all daily communications. A user can receive, and access calls (including a PBX functionality for company calling), chats, SMS messages, voicemails, faxes, contacts, and call history logs. 

The latest desktop version also offers a very useful team and direct chat feature for an enhanced messaging office communication experience.

The legacy interface also includes useful settings for creating forwarding rules, activating call screening and call waiting, changing availability status, and managing voicemail greetings and PIN. Additionally, it offers settings for controlling a physical SIP phone's caller ID, time zone, and even speed dial and BLF designations.

TeleConsole User guides and FAQ: Mobile versions – Android and iOS | Windows/macOS/Web | Legacy Web version

ACD Panel

A Complete Toolset for Call Center Administrators

The ACD Panel provides your call center administrator with powerful management and supervision tools, allowing for real-time handling of overflow and heavy call volumes.

Built-in algorithms facilitate intelligent call distribution while drag-and-drop functionality gives easy manual control when needed.

Additional tools include detailed reports, call logs, and advanced management of queues and agents. Customized alerts always keep you informed about scenarios that require immediate attention.

ACD Panel user guides and FAQ


Office Phone System Statistics and Management

Analytics help you manage your entire office phone system operation from the convenience of your desk. It provides statistical measurements of calls traffic, users' activity, and group loads.

A live overview shows all active and holding calls in relation to the groups they have been routed to. You can manually reassign calls, listen in on calls for training and user support, or record calls for later analysis.

Detailed statistical reports can be generated, and comprehensive call logs are also available with attached audio recordings and call flow information.

Analytics user guides and FAQ



Fax Documents From Any Windows Program

A Windows driver for faxing documents directly from just about any program that supports a printing function. It has a built-in contacts book, or you can sync it with your Microsoft Outlook contacts.

Print2Fax user guide 


Transform Chrome Browser Phone Numbers to Clickable Calling Links

A Google Chrome extension that converts any web page phone number into a clickable link for quick dialing. It features an automation feature to save you time by calling the recipient first and ringing you only once the recipient picks up.

Click2Call user guide 

SMS Console

Send SMS Messages Directly From Your Chrome Browser

A Google Chrome extension that utilizes your Telebroad account for sending and receiving text messages from your browser to any mobile recipient nationwide or text-enabled number.

SMS Console user guide 

Directory Calling 

Simplified Company Calling 

Directory Calling is a simple Windows app that allows you to find and call contacts on the company's phone system. Your personal TeleConsole contacts are not available here, but for company contacts it provides a faster and simpler calling alternative to the TeleConsole. 

Directory Calling user guide 


Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Make a More Efficient Use of Microsoft’s Popular CRM Software

 A Google Chrome extension that facilitates integration between Telebroad’s PBXcellent and Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM one of the premier CRM platforms on the market. The integration provides key features to streamline and increase the productivity of any business that handles large call volumes. Tools include click-to-call function, automatic Caller ID cross-referencing, automatic call details logging, and a floating notes window.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration user guide 

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Call Company and Personal Contacts Directly From Outlook

A Windows plugin that facilitates integration between Telebroad’s PBXcellent and Microsoft’s Outlook personal information manager. It offers clickable contacts to initiate calls, automatic creation of new contacts based on caller ID, and automatic logging of call details into the calendar.

Microsoft Outlook Integration user guide 

Zoho PhoneBridge

Expand the Zoho CRM With Useful Communication Features

A web browser application that works directly from the Zoho interface and gives the user the ability to make calls by clicking any contact's phone number, automatic logging of calls to his Zoho's activity records, and a calls pop-up window with a choice of adding notes about the call's recipient.

Zoho PhoneBridge user guide 

HHAeXchange Integration

Calling and Cross-Referencing Functions for the Leading Homecare Software

Running from Telebroad's Windows Integration Manager, the HHAeXchange integration features VoIP calling capabilities and a displaly of patient's details obtained by cross-referencing his phone number with the HHAeXchange database. A great time saver that allows you to instantly identify the caller and offer a more personal service. 

HHAeXchange Integration user guides

Partners Software---

Zapier Integrations

Integrate Telebroad Services With Over Two Thousand Apps

Zapier is a cloud-based platform that allows you to integrate Telebroad communication services with over two thousand apps and online software systems to create automated workflows and share data.

Integration can be set up in minutes and are called Zaps. They require no coding or programming knowledge. You simply select Telebroad and another app, set up login details for both, and select a trigger on one app and an action caused by this trigger on the other. Zapier does the rest for you.

Zapier Integrations user guide 

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