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Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb (DND) enables you to set your phone to automatically reject calls when you don’t want to be interrupted. While enabled all incoming calls will be logged as missed calls and will be sent directly to voicemail.


When you enable DND you see the following:

  • The DND icon () displays in the status bar.

    When the phone is idle, the DND icon displays next to your phone line.

  • If you have new messages or you have enabled call forwarding, the messages or forwarding icon displays instead of the DND icon.

  • The message Do Not Disturb displays in the status bar on all phones.

  • The DND icon on the Home screen changes from to .

Enabling DND on shared lines disables ringing only. A visual notification of the call still displays, and you have the option to answer or ignore the call.

Enabling and Disabling Do Not Disturb

By default, the Do Not Disturb feature applies to all lines on your phone. Your system administrator can set up your phone so that you can enable the feature on a per-line basis.

To enable or Disable DND for single or multiple lines:

  • While the phone is idle press the DND soft key. If you don't see it press the More soft key first.

    You can also select DND from the Main Menu screen.

  • If per-line basis selection is enabled you can select Set All to apply DND to all lines.

    If per-line basis selection is enabled you can also select a line from the Line Select screen and than select Enable.

  • To disable DND select the DND soft key or the DND option from the Main Menu as described in the first step above.