How to Change the Default Email App on iOS Devices?

When you select a contact's email in the TeleConsole the default email app will be launched. This is the case if you use the dedicated iOS app or access the TeleConsole on a web browser (you need to select Desktop Mode on a browser.) Changing the default email app works the same for either.

Note that you can use the same steps to change the default web browser used for opening web links. Simply select the web browser in the 2nd step and select Default Browser App in the 3rd step.

To change the default email app do the following:

  • Go to the iOS settings by tapping and scroll down to the list of installed apps.

  • Find and select the app you want to use as the default email app.

  • Tap Default Mail App.

  • Select the desired mail app to set it as the default option.

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