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The POST/call/hangup method end a specific call. For this method to work, the call to be hanged up must be placed using the POST/send/call method, in order to identify the call with a unique ID. 


There are no parameters in the header. All parameters go in the body in JSON Raw format.

callidstringA unique ID number for the call. This need to be obtained from the callid field in the response received from the post/send/call method, once the call is placed from that method. 


To hang up a call with a callid of 1519784628.70134037 use this syntax:

HTTPS method: POST






If the call got hanged up successfully:


    "error": null,

    "result": "1"


If there was a problem hanging up the call (usually due to wrong callid or if the call has already ended):



        "code": 444,

        "message": "The call does not exist."



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