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Directory Calling

Directory Calling vs the TeleConsole

Directory Calling is a simple Windows app that allows you to find and call contacts on the company's phone system. Your personal TeleConsole contacts are not available here.

The different clients of the TeleConsole do provide access to both personal and TeleConsole contacts, but you would need to switch between the two and would still see results for both when doing a search. 

For company contacts therefore, the Directory Calling app provides faster and simpler calling alternative.

Installation and Removal 

The Integration Manager and Security Software

The integration runs from the Telebroad's Integration Manager – a launcher and a settings control point for several of Telebroad's Windows apps and integrations. 

The integration Manager only runs on Windows computers! Mobile devices and other operating systems are not supported.

  The installer runs two executable files that may trigger your antivirus or firewall software and interfere with the installation process. Either mark the installation as safe when prompted by your security software or, if this doesn't work, disable the relevant security software temporarily just for the duration of the installation.

Installing the Integration Manager

If you have previously installed Telebroad's Web URL or Microsoft Outlook Integrationyou should already have the Integration Manager installed.

Otherwise follow these steps to install Telebroad's Integration Manager:

  • Click the installer's setup.exe file, once it has been downloaded, to run it or locate it in the relevant download folder and double-click it. 

  • Depending on your version of Windows, you may see one or several notifications about the application trying to make changes to your device or that ".... this file type can potentially harm your computer...".

    These are normal and appear with most software installations. Just click Allow or Run when prompted by the notification.

  • The installer will download a Microsoft .Net Framework component (if not already installed on your computer) and the main file of the Integration Manager. Once downloaded it will ask you for permission to Install itself. 

  • When the installation is complete the integration manager will run itself or you can launch it from the Telebroad folder under the Windows start menu.

Uninstalling the Integration Manager

Still, if you need to remove the Directory Calling app for any reason, you will need to uninstall the entire integration manager.

To do so, depending on your Windows version, launch either the Control Panel or Settings.

  • On Windows 10/11 you need to access the Settings screen and select Apps.

    On the Apps & features screen scroll down to find "Telebroad Integration Manager".

    Click it and select Uninstall. Approve the uninstall request when prompted.

  • On Windows 8.1 and earlier versions you need to access the Control Panel screen and select Programs>Remove a program installation. Scroll down to find and check "Telebroad Integration Manager". Click Uninstall/Change at the top of the programs list and approve the uninstall request.

Account Sign In and Password Reset

Once you have installed and launched the Telebroad Integration Manager you need to sign in to your Telebroad account. Enter your credentials in the User Name and Password fields and click the SIGN IN button.

If your credentials are not accepted, you can click the Forgot your password? link. A web page will open where you can recover your user name or reset your password for your TeleConsole account. You will need to provide your email address to where instructions and reset code will be delivered to. See more information here.

Resetting your password will log you out from all TeleConsole clients or Telebroad integrations!

Before doing a password reset remember that your password is case sensitive (your user name is not) so you may want to try reentering it with consideration to letter case!

Allowing Access Through the Firewall

If you are unable to make calls with Directory Calling it might be that your firewall is blocking the SIP traffic to it.

To resolve this you need to allow the Integration Manager access through the firewall.

This article provides step-by-step instructions of how to do so. 

You just need to make sure to find and select "Integration Manager" (instead of "TeleConsole) in the list of "Allowed apps and features".

Using Directory Calling

Using Directory Callingt is very straight forward.

Click the Directory Calling box on the main screen to start using the app. Incoming calls can be receieved even if you do not enter the Directory Calling screen or actively using the Integration Manager.

Click in the search field to display and choose a contact from the list of all available users on the directory. You can also enter a contact's full or partial name or number to display more specific results.

Click Call to dial the contact.

Once you select a contact it will remain in the search field until you press Delete or Backspace on your keyboard to clear it and search for other contacts.

Incoming Call Connection and Automatic Answering

The Telebroad server will first dial the recipient and then connect the call to you. This means that even that you initiated the call, you will get an incoming call (from the Telebroad server).

By default, the inbound call will be answered automatically on your end. But you can go to the Integration Manager Settings and check Do not auto answer for outgoing calls under App Settings. When doing so, the connected call will not be answered automatically and instead you will get an option to click   Answer (or  to decline the call).

On the call notifcation window you can toggle the Recent calls switch () to show the three most recent calls. On this list you can copy the the contact's number by clicking   .

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