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Parking and Retrieving a Call

You can use call park to place a call on hold, and then retrieve the call from another phone in the system (for example, a phone in another office or conference room).

Call parking is also useful when a call need to be transfered to a person that is not at their desk. A receptionist can accept the call, park it, and use the office overhead paging system make an announcement to the person about the extension the call is waiting for him at. The person can then use any nearby phone to retrieve it.

Parking or Retrieving a Call in the Transfer Mode

If enabled by your system administrator, you can park a call to the shared parking lot through a blind transfer.

To do so, during a call, select Park (you may need to select More > Park).

The call will be directly transferred to the shared parking lot. Depending on configuration, the system may provide a park retrieve code after parking successfully.

You can retrieve a parked call in the transfer mode from any phone in the same network!

To retrieve a call from any phone on the same network:

  • Pick up the handset, press   , or select the line key.

  • Do one of the following:

    • Select Retrieve (you may need to select More > Retrieve.)

    • When the phone is idle, you can use a Retrieve key (see configuration process below) to retrieve a parked call directly.

  • If requested, enter the park retrieve code provided when you parked the call. 

Parking or Retrieving a Call with a Park or Retrieve Key

Configuring a DSS Park and Retrieve Key

For a fast parking access, you can set up a DSS Park key with a related extension. 

Likewise you can configure a DSS retrieve key with the same extension. 

To configure a dss park key:

  • Do one of the following:

    • From the idle screen select Menu and navigate to Features > Dsskey.

      Select the desired line key.

    • Long press the desired line key to set it up.

  • Select Key Event from the Type field.

  • Select Call Park from the Key Type field.

  • (optional) Select the desired line from the Account ID field.

  • (optional) Enter the string that will appear on the phone screen in the Label field.

  • Enter the park extension number you want to park the call to in the Value field.

  • Select Save

To configure the retrieve key repeat the same process but just select Retrieve from the Type field. Make sure to enter the same extension number in the Value field you specified for the park key.

Parking and Retrieving a call with a DSS Park Key

During a call, select the DSS Call Park key you configured above to have the call parked to the desired extension.

When there is a call parked on the extension, you can select the DSS Call Retrieve key you configured above on the desired phone when it is idle to have the call retrieved.