Basic Installation Guide and Components of Door Phones


An Analog Door Phone by itself can only provide a bi-directional communication once installed. In order to provide door access an extra remote controller unit need to be installed as well as a matching door latch. Additionally to connect to your office IP network, an analog Door Phone requires an ATA device.

An IP Door Phone setup is much simpler and only requires a door latch. 

 Please note that a compatible door latch needs to be installed in order for the Door Phone to be able to open a door remotely. This is not done by Telebroad, but by a knowledgeable locksmith.


Door Phone - Can be either IP or Analog. An IP phone will connect directly to your office network and will receive power from it using POE technology (power over Ethernet). An analog phone will need to be connected to a power source, which can be a regular phone line.
Door latch - The door latch allows for a remote opening of a door. There are mechanical types and magnetic types.

 This needs to be installed separately by a lock smith.

Door latches also need to be powered, usually with a 16V-AC current (Telebroad will handle this if the locksmith hasn't.)

Analog Setup Only
ATA device: ATA stands for analog telephone adapter. It is a device for connecting traditional analog telephones to a voice over IP telephony network. This is only required if you have an analog Door Phone.

Once the you plug the analog phone to the ATA you can access and set it up with the IP interface of the ATA, just as if it was a SIP phone.
Remote Relay Controller: A unit, like Viking's SRC-1, that facilitates the remote opening of a door.

The SRC-1 offers extra security when necessary, eliminating the possibility of someone dialing a door's activation code using a hand held touch tone dialer.

To connect the relay to the latch you would need an 18/2 power cable.

IP Setup Only
POE Injector: A device that adds power to an Ethernet cable for consumption by gear operating on Power Over Ethernet (PoE).

This is optional. You would only need to install it if your network switch connecting to the Door Phone does not already supports POE technology.  

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