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Poly Trio – Call Transfer

While Poly Trio telephones are intended for call conferencing, you can also use your phone to receive and transfer incoming calls.

Type of Call Transfer

A call can be transferred in one of two ways:

  • Consultative transfer you have the option of talking to the party to whom you are transferring the call.

  • Blind transfer  the call is automatically transferred after you dial the number of the intended transfer recipient without the option of talking to the party.

Selecting a Default Transfer Type

Your phone is preconfigured to use the consultative transfer type, but you can change this.

To select the default transfer type:

  • Select (Settings ) on the Home screen.

  • Navigate to Basic>Preferences.

  • Select Default Transfer Type and choose your preferred transfer type.

Blind Transfer

To perform Blind transfer:

  • During a call, select Transfer.

  • Dial a number or select a contact from Recent Calls or Contacts.

  • The call transfers as soon as the recipient’s line connects.

Consultative Transfer

To perform a Consultive transfer:

  • During a call, select   (Consult).

    The caller is placed on hold.

  • Dial a number or select a contact from Recent Calls or Contacts.

  • When the recipient answers you can speak with him and then select Complete Transfer to transfer the call.

    If the recipient either doesn't answer your call or can't accept the call transfer and hangs up before you transfer the call, the original caller stays on hold. You can resume that call or try to transfer to another recipient.

Canceling a Transfer

If the recipient of the transfer doesn’t answer the call or if you decide to speak with the caller on your line you can select Cancel on the call transfer screen before the transfer is completed.

The call doesn’t transfer and becomes active.