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Poly Trio – Call Forwarding

While Poly Trio telephones are intended for call conferencing, you can also use yours to receive and forward incoming calls to a contact.

You can either forward a specific incoming call or configure your phone to automatically forward all incoming calls to a specific contact.

Call forwarding can also be enabled on your phone using system dial codes.

Call forwarding can also be set up for your account from the different versions of the TeleConsole app. See the relevant TeleConsole articles for Android, iOS, and Windows/macOS/Web,.

Forwarding an Incoming Call

You can forward an incoming call directly to a contact without answering the call. On shared lines, you must answer a call before forwarding it.

To forward an incoming call:

  • On the Incoming Call screen, select  (Menu) and select Forward.

  • Next, on the Call Forwarding screen, enter the forwarding number and select Forward.

Automatically Forward All Incoming Calls

You can set up your phone to forward all incoming calls automatically using one of the following forwarding types:

  • Always Forward all incoming calls.

  • No Answer Forward all unanswered incoming calls.

  • Busy Forward incoming calls when you're on a call.

For shared lines, you can only choose Always as your forwarding type; the other forwarding options aren’t available.

To forward all incoming calls:

  • Select Forward or navigate to Settings>Features>Forward.

  • Select Always, No, Answer, or Busy on the Forwarding Type Selection screen.

    If you selected the No Answer you can enter the number of rings before the call is forwarded.

  • Enter a contact's number or IP address (if applicable) and select Enable.

  • The forwarding number or name of the contact you chose appears in the status bar.
    If you selected Always as the forwarding type, the Forwarding icon () displays on the relevant line.

To disable call forwarding simply repeat the above steps to go to the Forwarding Type Selection screen and select Disable Call Forwarding.