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Yealink SIP-T46U – Muting a Call and Keep Mute Mode

You can mute the microphone during an active call so that the other party cannot hear you. 

If your phone is configured to answer calls automatically, you can also mute the microphone for all calls to help prevent the other party from hearing informal discussion.

Call mute applies to all modes (Handset, Headset and Speakerphone).

Muting a Call

To mute a call:

  • Press   during an active call.

    You can also press the mute key while you are dialing or while the phone is ringing to mute the microphone.

    The LCD screen indicates that the call is on mute and the mute key LED illuminates solid red.

To un-mute a call:

  • Press    button again to un-mute the call.

Keep Mute

Normally, the mute feature is deactivated when the active call ends. The Keep Mute feature enables you to have the mute state of your phone persist across all calls. The feature needs to be pre-configured by your system administrator. 

When keep mute is enabled and you press    , the phone stays in the mute state until you un-mute the microphone or until the phone restarts. It helps prevent the other party from hearing the noise coming from your room when auto answer is enabled on your phone.

When you mute the phone in an idle state or any other states, the mute key LED illuminates solid red and the mute icon (  appears on the status bar.