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The GET/my/huntgroups returns a list of all hunt groups that the user is assigned to. While hunt groups could be used as queues under some specific configurations you should note the difference between hunt groups and queues. If you want to request the user's queues you need to use a different API.

 The request returns the following information fields of:

  • id -  a system ID for the hunt group that can be used with other relevant API requests.      
  • phone - the user's phone number that is assigned to the hunt group. Unless if the user has more than one phone number, this will be the same for all results. 

  • huntgroup - a unique number for the hunt group used by the system as a destination routing for it.

  • level - hunt group levels are a selection of phone number or destinations that the hunt group tries to reach first before moving on to the next level. This parameter shows the first level attempted  by the hunt group, usually the 1st level.

  • available -  a value of 1 indicates the user is available to  accept calls in the group, a value of 0 indicates he is not. 

  • name  - name of the hunt group.


None are required. The Limit and Offset optional parameters may be used if dealing with a large list of hunt groups.

The User name and Password for the relevant account need to be supplied using basic authorization on your API client program.


To get the list of a user's hunt groups use this syntax:

HTTPS method: GET




  "error": null,

  "result": [


      "id": "28443",

      "phone": "1113834",

      "huntgroup": "7234",

      "level": "1",

      "available": "1",

      "name": "Customer service"



      "id": "80482",

      "phone": "1113834",

      "huntgroup": "17876",

      "level": "1",

      "available": "1",

      "name": "Sales"




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