Hardware Overview

Telerbroad sells and supports hardware that integrates and enhances the functionality and ease of use of our PBXcellent cloud communication system.

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You can also take a look at our warranty and limitation of liability and no-questions-asked return/exchange policies.

SIP Phones

They are just like your regular office phones, but use an Internet broadband connectivity instead of regular phone lines. They are called SIP phones because they utilize the Session Initiation Protocol a communications protocol for controlling voice and video communication. Read more about it here


Corded SIP phones  Telebroad sells corded SIP phones by Poly and Yealink. 

Cordless SIP phones Telebroad sells cordless SIP phones by Yealink.

Conference phones Telebroad sells conference phones by Poly and Yealink.

Telephone accessories

Mounting  brackets for hanging telephones on walls.

Headsets for conveniently speaking without using a handset. Telebroad offers wired (corded), and wireless headsets.

Replacement handsets for replacing worn out handsets on your existing phones.

Telephone adaptors we offer Wi-Fi USB dongles to add Wi-Fi functionality to compatible SIP phones and ATA adaptors to connect traditional analog telephones and fax machines to a VoIP network.


With Internet based phone system you may need to upgrade your existing router to support a more efficient use of your broadband connection. 

There are numerous routers sold on the market.  Not all of them will perform efficiently with the Telebroad system. But if you already have an existing router, you may be able to apply some adjustments that will allow it to do just that. Have a look at this article for more information. 

Door Phones and Keypads

Doorphones and Keypads provide office access to workers and visitors. 

Door phones can be directly incorporated into Telebroad's PBX system so guests can be buzzed in by a receptionist or contact any employee directly on his phone extension. 

Keypads lack the communication functionality of door phones. They are only meant to to allow workers to enter an office and can help keep track of their movements.

Overhead Paging System

You can connect your office phone system to an overhead loud speakers paging system to make office announcements or play background music. Telebroad sells all the necessary hardware to make the physical connection as well as the speakers themselves.

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