Queue Notifications, Call Backs, and Threshold Routing Options

Companies with heavy call volumes which constantly see calls being placed on hold need to keep callers engaged in order not to lose them. In addition to a selectable hold music (see separate article), Telebroad offers a Queue Notification feature. With this, all callers are are informed periodically about their position in the queue and an estimated wait time before an agent will answer their call. This feature gives callers a true sense that calls are being answered and handled as they hear that they are advancing in the queue. Along with the notification, callers are always given an option to return to the auto-attendant and choose to talk with a different agent or department.

If long holding time is expected, instead of waiting callers can choose to request a Call Back. When activated, this option allows a caller to dial asterisk in order to confirm his number (based on his caller ID) or enter his phone number. He can then hang up. The system will pass his number to the agent he called who would return the call when becoming available.

Administrators can also setup Routing Options for calls in the event they are not answered in a designated amount of time or based on certain queues thresholds. Example thresholds can be a maximum amount of callers, durations of holding times, or number of available agents. When meeting the threshold calls will can be routed to voicemail, another extension, outside number, or back to the auto attendant. 

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