Toll-Free (800) Numbers

A toll-free telephone number is a number where a company receiving a calls is charged for its cost instead of the person who placed it. Toll-free numbers are always free when placed from landlines, but may carry air charges when placed from mobile phones.


Toll-free numbers were introduced with an area code of 800, but today they include the 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844, and hence are commonly refereed to as 800 numbers.

Telebroad offers your business the advantage of receiving calls  a toll free number. While phone calls costs have been lowered in the past few years, customers still greatly appreciate a company that offers toll free access. Customers are much receptive to promotional offers when associated with a toll-free number as it signals credibility.


A Toll free number also makes for a more efficient customer service and gives your company a country wide presence as opposed to being associated with a particular area code or geographic region.


Telebroad offers a variety of toll free numbers in the 800 range to match your brand. The service is cost effective, reliable, and easy to set up and operate.

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