Text Messages Blocking

SPAM text messages are often generated by automatic software robots and seem to be constantly increasing in numbers.

Not only these are time-wasting, but they can also present a serious security concern. While some unsolicited texts are legitimate promotions of products or services, many are actually sent by scammers!

Therefore you should not reply to SPAM texts and never click or open any links they contain as these can try to install malicious software on your device or provide the sender with some information about you that will just lead to more SPAM.

The FCC has some helpful resources for dealing with the problem, but the best option is to simply block any numbers which you received unwanted texts from. 

Blocking text messages is available directly from the Windows/macOS, iOS, and Android clients on the TeleConsole. Blocking a number on one client will apply to all other client you are using with the same account.

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