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Yealink CP925/CP925/965/935W – Call the Last Incoming Number, Auto Redial, and Call Completion

Yealink CP phones have several features to make it easier to redial numbers and reach contacts.

Calling the Last Incoming Number

You can redial the last incoming number quickly by using a Recall key. The Recall key has to be configured in advance as a DSS key.

To configure a DSS key as the Recall key:

  • Tap   (Dsskey) at the bottom of the idle screen.

  • Tap and hold the desired line key you want to configure to display editing options for it.

  • Select Key Event from the Type field.

  • Select Recall from the Key Type field.

  • (optional.)In the Label field, enter a string to identify the Recall key.
  • Tap .

Now when you want to redial the last number simply go to the DSS screen and tap the Recall key you configured.

Redialing a Call Automatically

You can enable the Auto-Redial feature to automatically redial a phone number when the recipient's line is busy. You can configure the number of redialing attempts and the time to wait between each attempt.

To configure auto-redial:

  • Access the Control Center by swiping down from the top of the screen or by tapping    on the bottom of the idle screen. 
  • Select Features>Auto Redial Setting (on the CP965 tap Settings first.)

  • Enable Auto Redial.

  • Enter the desired time (in seconds) in the Redial Interval field.

    The default value is 10.

  • Enter the desired number of redial attempts in the Redial Times field.

    The default value is 10.

    • Tap   .

You can also configure auto redialing via the web user interface at the path Features>General Information.

To use auto redialing:

  • When you dial a number and the line is busy the phone prompts you to redial the contact.

  • Select OK to activate auto redialing.

  • The phone will retry to establish the call as many times as configured above with consideration to the configured interval. You can tap OK to make another call attempt immediately instead of waiting.

Call Completion

The call completion feature can monitor a busy internal line for you and establish a call after the busy party becomes available.

To enable call completion:

  • Access the Control Center by swiping down from the top of the screen or by tapping    on the bottom of the idle screen. 

  • Select Features>Call Completion (on the CP965 tap Settings first.)

  • Tap .

Now when you place an internal call and the recipient is unavailable to answer, the phone prompts you to wait for the recipient to become available. Select OK to activate the call completion feature.

When the recipient's line is not busy anymore the phone will prompt you to tap OK to dial his number.

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