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Assigning Speed Dial Indexes

Speed dialing allows easy dialing of frequently used numbers. There are two ways to set up and perform speed dialing - with the Line 2 key or by associating them with a speed dial index.

Additionally you can also setup a speed dial number from the TeleConsole (but not perform a speed dial). Read more about this here.

Simply press Line 2 to dial the contact associated with it.  To dial a contact associated with a speed dial index, enter the speed dial index followed by the # key using the dial pad, then press Dial or pick up the handset.

The Speed Dial list can be accessed by pressing Menu and selecting Features > Speed Dial...

When a new entry is added to the Contact Directory, it is automatically assigned the next available speed dial index and the new entry appears at the

bottom of the Speed Dial list. The contact with the lowest speed dial index will be associated with the Line 2 key

To add or edit a speed dial index for an existing contact:

  • Press the Dir soft key.

  • Use Up and Down keys to scroll through the list to find a contact. Press Select to select the it.

  • Press the Edit soft key.


  • Press the Down key repeatedly until the speed dial index appears and press the Select key to select the speed dial index for editing.

  • Do one of the following steps:
    •  Enter the next available speed dial index.

    •  Delete the existing speed dial index by using the Backspace soft key and enter a new speed dial index.

  • Press the Ok or Cancel soft key to accept or cancel the changes.

  • Press the Left key repeatedly to return to the idle display.

To assign a new speed dial key:

  • Press and hold Line 2.

    A new empty entry in the contact directory is automatically opened allowing contact information to be added.

  • Press the Select key to enter a first name and enter the First name of the contact from the dial pad.

  • Press the Ok or Cancel soft keys to accept or cancel changes.

  • Press the Down key to display the next field in the contact’s entry and follow the same steps to enter the contact's Last name, Phone number, and Speed dial index.

    The index can be any value between the next available index value and 99. It is recomened that you assign speed dial index values consecutively.

  • Press the Yes or Cancel soft keys to accept or cancel changes.

  • Press the Left key repeatedly to return to the idle display.

This works if Line 2 is unassigned. To add a speed dial contact if the Line 2 key is already assigned, refer to adding contacts.

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