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Yealink DECT W59R Web User Interface Access/Connectivity Troubleshooting

Our support articles for the Yealink W59R explain how to access features directly from the handset's user interface. For more advanced features or ease of access, you can also customize your handset by connecting to the base station the handset is registered with via a web user interface.

IP Address and Login Credentials

To access the web user interface you need to know two things:

  1. The IP address of the base station.

    To obtain the IP address, press the OK key on a handset registered with the base station when it is idle and select Status>Base.

  2. The base station's current administrator or user login credentials.

    The default administrator credentials are “admin" (case-sensitive) for both the user name and password. 

    The default user credentials are “user" (case-sensitive) for both the user name and password.

    When we initially provision your phone we usually change these passwords. If the default passwords are not accepted and you are an existing client please contact us for assistance.

Web User Interface Access

To access the web user interface do one of the following:

  • Enter the IP address in a web browser on a computer or a mobile device that is on the same network as the phone.

  • When prompted by the login page, enter the current administrator credentials in the username and password fields and click Confirm.

    If the administrator password is not accepted, you can try entering the user credentials in both fields. This will provide you with a more limited access to some features.

  • If enabled on your base station and supported by your browser, you can skip the login page by entering a URL request in your browser.

    To do so you use the format “https://username:password@phoneIPAddress” (for example, https://admin:admin@

    If all details are entered correctly your browser will open on the Status page.

For security, after accessing the web user interface you can change the admin password from Security>Password

Connectivity Troubleshooting

Your computer or mobile device has to be on the same network as the base station. This means a remote connection is not possible. 

If you are unable to connect, even when in the same office or location as the base station, try one of the following:

  • Try restarting the base station and your main router.

  • If you are able to connect to the base station but not to the handset, you can also try restarting the handset. To do so long-press the on-hook/power key ( ) to turn the handset off. Press the key again or place the handset in the charger cradle to turn the handset back on. 

  • Try using your browser in a private or incognito mode or try using a different web browser.

  • If you are using a browser with an ad-blocking feature or if the browser has an ad-blocking extension/add-on, the Advanced Account or Network settings may not be accessible. To fix this disable the blocking for the web page of the Web User Interface.

    Disabling or blocking web scripts on your browser (commonly JavaScript) may also create problems. Either enable the script option for the Web User Interface or use another browser.

  • If none of the above help, you can try to plug the base station directly into your router.