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Call Mute and Keep Mute

Muting/Unmuting Audio

When you are in a call, you can mute the audio, so that you can hear the other person, but they cannot hear you. Call mute applies to all modes (Handset, Headset and Speakerphone).

To mute/unmute audio:

  • During a call, press   (mute) to mute the call. The mute key LED glows red. You can also press the mute key while you are dialing or while the phone is ringing to mute the microphone.

  • Press    again to unmute the call. The mute key LED goes out.

Keep Mute State

In a meeting room, if incoming calls are answered automatically on your phone, callers may hear your discussion with your colleagues. You can keep the phone in mute to prevent this unintended situation.

The mute state of your phone persists across calls. The phone stays in the mute state until you unmute the microphone manually or until the phone restarts.

To activate the keep mute state:

  • Press Mute when the phone is idle.

    The mute key LED glows red, and the mute icon () appears on the on the idle screen.
  • Press Mute again when the phone is idle to deactivate the mute state.