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Listening to Voicemail

To access voicemail, press the Messages button on your phone.

Your system administrator should configure your phone with the correct voicemail number so that pressing the Messages button automatically dials your voicemail system.

If you need to change the number for your voicemail (for example, if your phone is not part of a Cisco Voice System and you have external voicemail), perform the following steps:

  • Press the Setup button.

  • Scroll to Voicemail and press select.

  •  Enter the number to dial for voicemail. For a Cisco Voice System, this is normally "vmm". For an external system, enter the phone number, including any digits to reach an outside line.

  • To clear the field of a previous entry, press clear. To enter letters, press the Right navigation button to scroll, then press the alpha softkey.

  • Press save.