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Poly VVX 401/411 – Parking and Retrieving a Call

You can use the call parking feature to place a call on hold and then retrieve it from another phone in the system (for example, a phone in another office or conference room).

Call parking is also useful when a call needs to be transferred to a person that is not at their desk. A receptionist can accept the call, park it, and use the office overhead paging system to make an announcement to the person about the extension where the call is waiting for him at. The person can then use any nearby phone to retrieve it.

To park a call:

  • From the Calls view press the More>Park soft keys.

  • The call is placed on hold.

  • In the Extension: field, enter the number for a valid extension on your phone system where you want to park the call on. Usually your phone system administrator will assign a few consecutive extensions for parking purposes (1000, 1001, 1002, etc.)

  • Press the Enter soft key.

  • A prompt will inform you that the call has been parked.

To retrieve a parked call from any phone: 

  • Press the More>ParkRtrv soft keys.

  • In the Extension: field, enter the number of the extension where the call was parked on and press the Enter soft key.

The phone will connect to the extension and retrieve the call.