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Poly VVX 301/311 – Using Your Phone as an Intercom

Intercom is a useful feature in an office environment to quickly connect with a specific contact or an operator. The recipient's phone will answer the call automatically if the recipient is not already on another call.

Intercom functionality is also possible by using Telebroad's intercom dial code.

Your phone system administrator can set up your phone to automatically call a specific contact when you select Intercom. You don't need to enter any contact information or phone number with this option. The call will go directly to the pre-configured number.

To place an intercom call:

  • From the Home view (press    to access it)  select the Intercom soft key.

  • Enter a number or select a contact and select Send.

  • The phone plays a tone and the call is answered automatically, if the recipient is not already on another call.

  • Select End Call once you have finished delivering your message.