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How to Deal with Static and Noise Interference?

There may be situations where poor Wi-Fi or cellular data reception will lead to static noise and call quality issues. To deal with this problem you may need to switch the TeleConsole to use your cellular phone network or change the call quality settings.

If you are near a landline you may also solve the problem by temporarily forwarding your number to it, as explained here.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Bluetooth can interfere with a Wi-Fi connection on the 2.4 GHz frequency. If you are experiencing call quality issues with Wi-Fi while using Bluetooth headsets, try switching off the headsets or consider changing the Wi-Fi frequency or channel on your router.  

Switching to Cellular Network

There are two ways to switch the connection permanently  or on the fly .

For either one to work you need to provide the TeleConsole with your mobile number.

You can do this by tapping  and entering your number at the prompt.

However, you may not want to be bothered with this in the middle of an important call. In this case you can provide your number in advance. To do so, tap    on the bottom-right corner to access the TeleConsole's settings. Scroll down to Local settings, tap Device Phone Number, enter your personal mobile number, and tap OK.

Permanent Switch

On the Local settings tap VoIP Settings and select Always Use Cellular Voice.

When selecting this, VoIP will not be used at all until you switch to another setting.

With this selected, instead of sending the call to the Telebroad VoIP servers using the SIP protocol, the TeleConsole will directly use your cellular connection. Your phone will ring (outside the TeleConsole) and only when you pick up the outgoing number will be dialed. Remember that this setting consumes your mobile plan air time minutes!

On the Fly Switch

On VoIP Settings in Local settings you need to have either Always Use Voip or Use Voip only on WiFi selected (assuming you are on a WiFi connection).

When you experience any noise or static during call a call, tap   on the call screen to change to the cellular network. 

Tap the button again to switch back to VoIP.

Changing Call Quality Settings

While you obviously want to have the best call quality possible, it also comes with the cost of using more data. If the network connection you are using (either Wi-Fi or cellular) in a particular location has a low data rate it may not be able to keep up with the required call quality settings and you may experience noise or choppiness while calling. 

Try to switch networks as described above. If this doesn't work you can reduce the call quality by changing the codec used by the TeleConsole.

To do so, tap    on the bottom-right corner to access the TeleConsole's settings.

Scroll down to Local settings, tap Call Quality, and select a lower codec setting. 

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