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How Do I Connect a Softphone to My Telebroad Phone Line?

Telebroad's TeleConsole provides SIP calling and many of the features of a softphone. All versions of the TeleConsole (Desktop, web, and mobile) allow you to make and receive calls, transfer or forward calls, create a conference, record calls, and manage your voicemail. SMS/MMS messaging and faxes are also supported as well as PBX functionality. 

Still, you may want to install and run a dedicated softphone software for some specific functions, its interface, or to use more than one Telebroad account on a device.

Server Address, SIP Username/Password

The basic setup for connecting a softphone to your Telebroad line is similar no matter the softphone software. 

You need three things:

  • Telebroad's server address push.telebroad.com (push2.telebroad.com also works.)
  • Your SIP username, which is the same as your PBX phone number. It will be something like 113842. It will not be your DID number or any caller ID associated with your line!
  • The sip password for your phone number. 

  The SIP username and password are different from the username and password you use for signing in to the TeleConsole!

You can obtain the SIP password and username with the GET/myProfile API request. To use this request you do need to authenticate with your TeleConsole username and password! Refer to these articles to learn how to use API requests.

Your username is the name field and your password is the secret field. Both are found under the phones category in the API response. 

Account Registration

Once you have your SIP credentials you can register them in the softphone's account settings. The server address may either go in a Domain/Host field or you may need to enter it with a username@server email-like format as shown in the example here, taken from the Zoiper softphone app.

Additional Settings

Complete your softphone's configuration with the following options:

  • You do not need to enter an Authentication Username or Outbound proxy.

  • If you are asked to select a communication transport protocol, select SIP TLS.

  • With most softphones you can also enter a Caller ID for the line. You can find the current caller ID assigned to your line from the GET/myProfile API or directly from the TeleConsole's settings. The latter will also show the complete list of caller IDs available for your account.

  • If you want to provide the softphone with access to your voicemail, enter *1 in the relevant voicemail settings field. The voicemail can then be accessed with the relevant voicemail button or by long-pressing 1 on the keypad. You can read more about voicemail audio prompts and options here.

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