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Yealink W59R – Intercom Calls Between Handsets

Intercom calls on the Yealink W59R  allow you to quickly connect with a specific or all handsets registered to the same base station as your handset.

By default intercom calls are answered automatically on the speaker of the handset, but the Auto Intercom option can be configured on each handset so the user needs to press the Accept soft key to answer the call.

Additional intercom functionality is possible with Telebroad dial codes. To intercom with any internal number or extension use the intercom dial codeTo deliver announcements to all users on the phone system (or a group of users) use the Group intercom paging dial code.

Configuring Auto Intercom

The Auto Intercom option defines how an intercom call is answered on a handset. It is configured on each handset separately. 

To configure auto intercom via the handset:

  • Press    to enter the main menu.

  • Select Settings>Telephony>Auto Intercom.

  • Select a configuration

  • On (Beep On): The auto intercom feature is on. The handset will play a warning tone and answer the incoming intercom call automatically.

  • On (Beep Off): The auto intercom feature is off. The handset will answer the incoming internal intercom call automatically without a warning tone.

  • Off: The auto intercom feature is off. You need to answer an incoming internal intercom call by pressing the Accept soft key.

  • Press the Change soft key.

Making Intercom Calls

You can make an intercom call with a specific or all handsets when the handset is idle. You can also make an intercom call while already on another call.

To make an intercom call when the handset is idle:

  • Press    to enter the main menu and select Intercom.

    The handsets registered with the same base station are displayed.

  • Select a handset or All Handsets.

  • Press  ,   ,     or the OK soft key to dial out to the selected handset.

    If you select All Handsets, all other subscribed handsets will ring simultaneously.

  • Select End or press   to end the intercom call.

If the auto intercom feature is enabled on the receiving handset(s), the handset will answer the internal call automatically, otherwise it will ring.

To make an intercom call while on another call:

  • Select Options>Intercom. 

  • Select the desired handset and  press .

  • The active call is placed on hold while the intercom call is in progress.

    It is resumed when you select End or press   to end the intercom call.