Hold and Resume

You can place an active external call on hold. At any time, at most one active call can be in progress on your handset. You can answer or make another call while placing the original call on hold. 

When you place a call on hold, the held party may hear either a ringing tone or music as determined by either your phone system administrator or your TeleConsole's phone setting "While call ring play the caller" option.

When the call on the handset is placed on hold, placing the handset in the charger cradle will not end the call.

To place a call on hold:

  • Press the Options soft key during a call, and then select Hold.

  • The call is placed on hold, and the    icon is displayed on the LCD screen.

To resume a held call do one of the following:

  •  Press the Resume soft key.

  • Press  .

  • Press  .

Two calls on Hold:

If two calls are placed on hold on the handset, press the Resume soft key to resume the current

call. Press   ,     or the Swap soft key to swap between two calls.

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