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Yealink SIP-T48U – Auto Redialing

You can enable auto redial to automatically redial a phone number when the called party is busy. You can also configure the number of auto redial attempts and the time to wait between redial attempts.

To configure auto redial via phone user interface:

  • Tap  >Features>Auto Redial.

  • Tap the On radio box of the Auto Redial field.

  • Enter the desired time (in seconds) in the Redial Interval field.

    The default value is “10”.

  • Enter the desired number of redial attempts in the Redial Times field.

    The default value is “10”.

  • Tap the Save soft key to accept the change or     to cancel.

Auto redial is configurable via web user interface at the path Features->General Information.

To use auto redial: 

When the called party is busy, the following prompt will appear on the touch screen of the phone:

  • Tap the OK soft key to activate auto redial.

  • The touch screen prompts the following:

  • Wait for the designated period of time or tap the OK soft key to redial the phone number.

    The phone will retry as many times as configured until the called party is idle.