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Highlight Phone Numbers to Call, Fax, and Message


Installing the Desktop version of the TeleConsole on your PC or Mac computer will activate three global keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly place a call, message, or fax any on-screen phone number from your TeleConsole contacts or from any website, app, or document. 

Highlight to Fax or Message

To fax or message simply highlight a phone number with your mouse or keyboard and use the following shortcuts:

Press Control-Shift-S to open the messages screen to send an SMS/MMS message to the highlighted number. Messaging with the TeleConsole is discussed here.

Press Control-Shift-D to open the fax screen to send a fax to the highlighted number. Faxing with the TeleConsole is discussed here.

Highlight to Call

Highlight a phone number with your mouse or keyboard and use the Ctrl-Shift-C keyboard shortcut to open the Calls Screen.

The shortcut has two modes that you can switch between by going to the TeleConole's Keyboard Shortcuts settings

If Review before dialing is enabled the dial pad will open with the highlighted number and you have to click the dial button to continue. If disabled, the number will be dialed automatically.

Web/Mobile Versions Availability

The highlight shortcuts are not available if you are only using the TeleConsole web version. You do need to install the TeleConsole Desktop app for the feature to work.

Mobile devices do provide highlight-to-call functionality. On Android devices you can simply tap Call whenever you highlight a phone number (read more about it here) or use the Safari browser on iOS devices to have phone numbers converted to dial links.