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Transferring a Call

There are three ways to transfer a call to another user or agent in your company Consultative transfer, Blind transfer, and Attended transfer.

Consultative Transfer

In a 
Consultative transfer the party to whom you want to transfer the call answers their phone before you transfer the call or hang up. You can consult with them if they would like to accept the transfer before completing it.

To perform a Consultative transfer transfer: 

  • During a call, press Trans soft key. The active call will be placed on hold.
  • Enter the number to which you want to transfer the call to.
  • As soon as the ring-back sound is heard or after the party answers, press Trans soft key to complete the transfer.

    You can talk privately to the party to which you are transferring the call before the transfer is completed.

    If you are using a handset, the transfer can also be completed by putting the handset on the cradle.

    You can cancel the transfer before the call connects by pressing the Cancel soft key.

Blind Transfer

In a Blind Transfer The call is automatically transferred after you dial the number of the party to whom you want to transfer the call.

To perform a blind transfer:

  • During a call, press the Trans soft key and then press the Blind soft key.


  • Do one of the following steps: 
    • Enter the number to which you want to transfer the call to.

    • Press the Dir soft key to access either the local or corporate contact directory.
      Use the Up and Down to access contacts, and then press Dial.

    •  Press the Callers soft key to access the Received Call list.
       Use Up and Down to access a contact, and then press Dial.


    • Press Dial to access the Placed Call list.
      Use and Up and Down to access a contact, and then press Select.
At this point, the call is connected to the number to which you are transferring them.

Attended transfer

An Attended transfer is made by setting up a conference between the caller and the party to whom you are transferring the call. The parties are automatically connected to each other after you exit the conference.

To learn how to set up a conference click here.