Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-Free numbers allow U.S. and Canadian clients to call your company without incurring any long distance or local charges (calls are free when placed from landlines, but may carry air charges when placed from mobile phones).

Toll-Free numbers use several area codes in the 800 range. Clients are generally aware of these area codes and instantly recognize  the convenience of using them. Using a Toll-Free number conveys a message to clients that your company is invested in their calling experience and is serious about providing a more efficient customer service and accessibility.

Toll-free numbers are much easier for clients to remember and associate with your company compared to using standard area codes, hence becoming part of and expanding your business identity.  They also give your company a national identity, not tying you with any particular area code of a geographic region. 

Telebroad offers your business all the advantages of receiving calls by a Toll-Free number. While phone calls costs have been lowered in the past few years, customers still greatly appreciate a company that offers toll free access. Customers are much more receptive to promotional offers that come with a Toll-Free number as it signals credibility.

Telebroad offers a variety of Toll-Free numbers in the 800 range to accommodate your brand. The service is cost effective, reliable, and easy to set up and operate. Packages are based on a flat-rate fee for each number with no per minute charges. Numbers can be assigned permanently to a company or a specific department, or be used temporarily for targeted campaign.

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