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Call History

Access and Overview

The Call History is a chronological log of the calls you made, received, or did not answer.

Access it by tapping     at the bottom of the screen. 

The screen is refreshed with new records as they become relevant. This may take a few moments sometimes, but you can also manually refresh by swiping down anywhere on the screen. A   icon will show on the top and any new call history records will be instantly fetched from the Telebroad server.

Call history logs are also available when you transfer or add a call. See call options for more details.  

Filtering and Searching

Tap    on the top-right to filter what calls to display - All Calls, only Outgoing Calls, only Incoming Calls, or only Missed Calls

Tap    to search the call history records. You can enter names or numbers in the search field. Note that search results will only show for the filtered calls type. If you have Outgoing Calls selected for example, you will not see search results from Incoming Calls. It is therefore preferable to select All Calls before doing a search. 

Types of Call History Records

Each call record has the caller's caller ID name(if available, otherwise just his number), his number, and the date or time of the call. Visually the calls are marked as follows:

INCOMING (left green arrow)- calls you received.
OUTGOING (right green arrow) - calls you made.
MISSED - calls that rang but you didn't answer.
Busy/Unavailable - calls that didn't reach you because your line was busy or unavailable (if this keeps happening, examine your profile and make sure that your SIP phone line is registered with the Telebroad server.)

Call Options

Tap any call to see options to Call or Send SMS to the caller. The caller's number will automatically be inserted in the recipient field of the relevant screen. For internal callers, the SMS option is only available for ten digits phone numbers.

If the caller is already in your list of contacts you can tap View Contact to see his details. Otherwise the icon shown will offer you to Add (the caller) to Contacts  .

You can delete one or more records by long-pressing them and tapping    on the top-right.

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