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Yealink CP930 (Discontinued) – Intercom Calls With Other Base Station Handsets

For the CP930 replacement please refer to the user guides for the Yealink CP935W.

Intercom is a useful office feature to quickly connect with a specific contact or an operator. The recipient handset will answer the call automatically if not already on another call. 

You can place intercom call while the phone is idle or while it is on an external call. 

Intercom calls initiated from the phone's menu can only be made between handsets registered to the same base station

 Intercom calls to other phones in the office is possible by using Telebroad's intercom dial code.

To place an intercom call:

  • Navigate to Menu>Intercom.

  • Select the desired handset or All Handsets.

  • Select OK or press the    key.

  • If you select All Handsets, all other subscribed handsets will ring simultaneously.

To place an intercom call during an external Call:

  • Tap Hold>New Call>Directory>Intercom.

  • Select the desired handset and  tap Send.