Yealink CP935W – DECT Intercom Calls With Other Base Station Handsets/Phones

You can place an intercom call, when the phone is idle or during a call, to DECT phones/handsets registered to the same base station as your CP935W. The recipient phone/handset will answer the call automatically if not already on another call. 

If you want to place an Intercom call to non-DECT phones (that are not associated with your CP935W base station) you can use Telebroad's intercom dial code (to place an intercom call to a single phone) or Group Intercom Paging (to place an intercom call to several phones at once.)

To place an intercom call while the phone is idle:

  • Access the Control Center by swiping down from the top of the screen or by tapping    on the bottom of the idle screen.

  • Tap Intercom.

  • Tap the desired handset/phone or tap All Handsets. The latter will make all registered handsets ring simultaneously.

To place an intercom call while on another call:

  • Tap Hold>New Call>Directory>Intercom.

  • Tap the desired handset/phone.

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