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Access, Filtering, and Searching

The Contacts screen lets you communicate with and manage your Personal and Company contacts.

Access it by tapping    at the bottom of the screen. The button is available from anywhere in the TeleConsole.

Contacts are also available when you transfer or add a call. See the Call Screen options for more details.

Tap      on the top-right corner to select to display ALL contacts or just  Personal or Company contacts.

Tap      to search for any type of contact (company or personal). You can enter either names or numbers in the search field. Names are not case sensitive, but the search results depend on your menu selection and may be limited to only Personal or Company contacts. Make sure to switch to All (contacts) if you don't want to see limited results.

Personal Contacts

Personal contacts are only available to you, unless if you have shared them with other users!

There are two types of personal contacts:

  • Business personal contacts from your TeleConsole account - clients or customers that you work with (as opposed to fellow workers that you work with).

    These are marked with a purple icon and "TeleConsole" next to the contact's name.

  • Private personal contacts from your phone or mobile device - your own private contacts from outside work.

    These are marked with a blue icon and "Mobile" next to the contact's name.

You can also think of both types of personal contacts as outside contacts - that is contacts outside the internal phone system in your office. 

Communication Options and Editing

Tap any personal contact to display its communication options as well as call history (if available.):

  • Tap   to edit the details of the contact. See the Adding New Personal Contacts section below for an explanation about the fields you can edit.

  • Tap    or    respectively next to any phone number to call or start/continue a text chat with the contact. You can only text numbers that are either. For external numbers, the system has no way of knowing which number is mobile or SMS compatible and gives you the option to chat with all available numbers. Obviously you cannot send an SMS to a landline so make sure to label each number clearly.

  • Tap    to send an email to the contact. The email address of the contact will automatically populate the relevant field in the selected app.

    You will be prompted to select an email appIf you tap JUST ONCE, the screen will appear again the next time you email a contact. If you tap ALWAYS this screen will not display the next time you email a contact and the selected app (Gmail for example) will automatically open.

    If you need to change this to a different app you need to go to your Android Settings, select Apps, select the the app that is set to automatically open(Gmail for example), select the Open by default option, and select CLEAR DEFAULTS. On some Android skins you may only see the Clear Deault option

Adding New Personal Contacts

Tap    to add a personal contact. Two storage location options will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Tap Android Device to create a private personal contact or Telebroad Cloud to create a Business personal contact.

Private Personal Contacts Options

  The options on this screen may vary with your phone and its version of Android, but most fields will be similar to what is shown here.

Tapping anywhere on the big person icon at the top will let you change the image for the contact with an option to Take photo with your Android device camera or Choose photo from the gallery.

You can type the full name of the contact in the Name field as is, but if you tap the toggle next to it you can break the name to First, Middle, and Last name fields and also add a prefix or suffix.

When you enter a phone number, you can change its type from the drop-down menu that appears below it. A new phone field automatically appears so you can add more numbers and types. Tap the next to any number to remove it.  

Click More Fields to add more details about the person beyond his basic contact information. You can change the image for the contact from here as well by tapping CHANGE.

Tap the Phone drop-down menu to display storage options for the contact. These will vary depending on your device, but usually will include Phone - your local device storage, Google - your Google account's cloud storage, or Card - your phone's SIM card. If you select Card, you will only be able to enter a name and up to two phone numbers for the contact!

Tap   on the top right to save the new contact when you have finished adding information.


Business Personal Contacts Options

Business personal contacts only have six fields of information. The first five are First Name, Last Name, Company, Phone number, and Email.

The sixth field Share contact with everyone in the company is a toggle to make the contact public inside the company. When you toggle it on the contact will be available to all other users in the company under their TeleConsole's personal contacts.

Company Contacts

Company contacts include all the users, agents, and co-workers on your office phone system. You can also think of company contacts as inside contacts - that is contacts solely on the internal phone system in your office. Company contacts are available to all users in the company.

Company contacts are marked with a yellow icon. The number shown for them is either their extension or the phone line on the PBX system which is shorter than a regular phone number and requires no area code (company contacts may also have a regular number using Direct Inward Dialing.) 

Company contacts are created by your telephone system administrator. Every time a new worker joins the company, the administrator creates a telephone account with a line number for him. This new worker's line number (or extension) will automatically show up in your company contacts.

  Because only your administrator can create company contacts, you cannot add, delete, or modify them.

As explained above, you can tap    to search company contacts and narrow the results by choosing Company after tapping   .

Tap any company contact to display its communication options and call history. Note that the pen icon on the top right is greyed-out because you cannot edit the contact.

The communication options are identical to those of personal contacts. See details above.