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Yealink CP930 (Discontinued) – Recording a Call

For the CP930 replacement please refer to the user guides for the Yealink CP935W.

To record calls you need to have an SD card inserted in the SD card slot. Refer to the this article for information about the CP930 ports.

  Before making a recording, it is very important to inform all parties that you are going to record the conversation and ask for their consent to do so. In some US states and in Canada only one participant need to provide consent for a call recording while in other states the law requires all participants to provide consent. To be on the safe side, please familiarize yourself with the legal requirements relevant to you, especially if you are making interstate calls. 

Making a Recording

After you start a recording you can pause it temporarily when you do not want some sensitive information be recorded.

If you place the call on hold during the recording, none of the parties will be recorded until you resume the call.

Starting, pausing/resuming, and ending a recording:

  • To start a recording, during a call select More>StartREC.

    The screen displays a recording icon () and the recording duration.

  • Select PauseREC to pause a recording. The pause recording icon () appears on the screen and the duration counting is halted.

    Select ReREC to resume the recording. The resumed recording will be saved to the same file.

  • To end a recording you can select StopREC or End Call.

    The screen prompts that the call was recorded successfully. The recording is saved on the SD card as a file with an .aac extension.

Browsing and Playing Recordings

You can browse and play recordings directly on your phone. You can also instert the SD card in a PC or a mobile device that supports .aac files and manage and play the recordings there.

To browse and play recordings:

  • Navigate to Menu>Record>Browse Audio.

  • The screen shows a list of all avaiilable recordings. Each recording is listed with a file name and size. 

    The file name is made up of the recording date, time, and the first person/other party on the call/conference and their phone number/IP address/name.

  • Select the desired file and select Play.

    The length of the recording and a progress bar are displayed as the recording plays.

  • Select Pause to pause the playback. The Pause soft key changed to Play. Select it to resume the playback.

  • Select   to skip forward the playback. Tap the button once to skip forward 1 minutes.

  • Select    to skip rewind the playback. Tap once to rewind 1 minutes.

Deleting a Recordings 

You can delete recordings when you need additional space on your SD card or when recordings are no longer needed. 

To delete recordings:

  • Navigate to Menu>Record>Browse Audio.

    Highlight the desired recording and select Delete.

  • The screen prompts you to approve the deletion.

    Select Yes.

  • You can also delete all recordings by tapping the Clear soft key and selecting Yes when prompted to approve the deletion. 

Available SD Card Space

To avoid a failed recording due to lack of space on the SD card you can check the available recording time beforehand.

To view the available recording time:

  • Navigate to Menu>Record>Storage Space.

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