Remote Access to Your Voicemail

You can listen and manage your voicemails even when away from your office phone.


For safety reasons, before using this feature you will have to set up a voicemail Personal Identification Number that will prevent unauthorized use. The PIN can be setup from the TeleConsole web version. You can read more about it here.


To access your voicemails remotely:

  • Dial your full phone number from any location away from your office phone.

  • Wait for the voicemail prompt and dial 280.

  • If requested, enter your mailbox PIN.

  • Follow the voice prompts to listen and manage your mailbox.

    Refer to this article for a list and information of all the voice prompts you can use.

We offer four additional methods to access your voicemails remotely using mobile apps, a web browser, email or voice notifications, and API requests. 

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