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Yealink CP930 (Discontinued) – Registration, Renaming, and Locating the Phone

For the CP930 replacement please refer to the user guides for the Yealink CP935W.

Registreing the Phone

The CP930 phone has to be registered with a base station before it can be used. Multiple DECT phones and handsets (such as the w56H or W59R) can be registered to a base station. Refer to this buying guide for more information on the maximum number of phones and handsets supported by different base station models.

If you purchased the CP930-base bundle (phone and a base station) the phone should have already been registered with the base station. If bought separately or for registering to other base stations, a manual registration is required. 

Note that in some of the menu options, due to firmware compatibilities with other DECT phones, the phone is referred to as a "handset".

Base Station Registration Mode

To register your CP930 phone your base station needs to be set to registration mode.

To do so:

  • If you are registering to a single-cell base station (such as the Yealink W60B or W70B) long press   on the base station until the registration LED flashes. If the base station does not identify a handset within 90 seconds, the registration mode will switch off automatically.

  • If you are registering to a Yealink W80 or W90 multi-cell system the registration mode on the base station needs to be first enabled with a web user interface. Refer to this article for more details.

    Once the registration mode is enabled long press the device key (  on the W80 or    on the W90) until the DECT LED indicator flashes.

Phone Registration

After you enable registration mode on the base station you can proceed to register the phone. 

To register a handset do one of the following:

  • Easy Registration tap the Reg soft key on the handset to register quickly.

    The registration process will be completed automatically. If you are working with a multi-cell system (Yealink W80 or W90) then the handset will register to the base station with the strongest signal in range.

  • Normal Registration – tap the OK soft key and select Register Handset.

    A list of available base units (that you have not yet registered with) will show. 

    Select the one you want to register with and press the OK soft key. 

    Enter the base PIN (default: 0000), and press the Done soft key to complete registration.

If registered successfully, the screen prompts “Handset Subscribed” and “Base NO. (last 4 characters of connected Base’s MAC address).” 

After the phone is initialized successfully, the idle screen will show the phone's name and a numeric icon indicating the internal device number of the phone on the base station ( e.g.,  indicates phone/handset 1 of the base station. The next registered handset/phone will be assigned as device 2, etc.)

If the registration fails it may be due to an incorrect base PIN (check with your system administrator for the correct one), the base station is out of range (move closer to it), or the base station is not in registration mode (see above.)

Deregistering the Phone

There may be occasions, such as if you are replacing the base station, when you may need to deregister the phone. 

You can use any registered handset/phone to deregister any of the other handsets/phones on the base station.

To deregister the handset:

  • Navigate to Menu>Settings>Registration>De-reg. Handset.

  • Enter the base PIN (default: 0000), and then press Done.

  • The screen displays the handsets/phones that are registered to the base station. The name of the phone/handset you are using is highlighted and followed by a left arrow.

  • Select the desired phone/handset, and tap OK.

  • When prompted to approve the action, tap Yes to deregister the handset or No to cancel.

You can also deregister the phone via the web user interface at the path: Status>Handset&VoIP>Delete Handset.

Renaming the Phone

The phone will be named automatically if successfully registered to the base station but you can rename it to personalize it.

To rename the phone:

  • Navigate to Menu>Settings>Basic Settings>Phone Name.
  • Edit the name in the Phone Name field.

  • Tap Save to accept the change.

The handset name is also configurable via the web user interface at the path Account>Handset Name.

Locating Phones/Handsets and Testing Registration

If you are using a single-cell base station (W60B or W70B) you can find all handsets/phones registered to it or locate a misplaced handset/phone by paging it from the base station.

To locate a handset:

  • Press   on the base station.

  • All the idle phones/handsets that are registered with the base station will ring (get paged) simultaneously and display the IP address of the base station on their screen.

  • Tap   , OK, or  End Call on the CP930 or press   again on the base station to end  the ringing.

You can also locate handsets via the web user interface at the path Status>Handset&VoIP>Paging Status.