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The Messages Screen – eFaxes

The Messages Screen Overview

Messages is the default TeleConsole screen, showing you all your voicemails, eFaxes, and text conversations (SMS/MMS) with their related options.  Access the screen at any time by tapping   .

New messages are displayed in blue. Messages you have already viewed or read are displayed in gray.

Voicemails are marked with the tape icon  Text conversations are marked with the speech bubble icon  Faxes are marked with the document icon  .

The screen is refreshed automatically with new messages and you can also manually refresh it by swiping down anywhere on it to instantly fetch the latest messages from the Telebroad server.

Filtering and Searching

By default, all types of messages are shown on the screen. Tap     on the top-right to select to show either All Messages or to just show Fax messages, SMS Messages, or Voicemail messages.

Obviously if you select a specific message type, you can't see other types. So if you have Voicemail selected you will not see your faxes. Therefore always select the relevant type or All Messages.

The search option ( ) let you look for any name, number, or even words and phrases in your messages.

  The search results are only returned for the selected message type! For example, if you are only displaying faxes you will not find a contact who has just left you a voicemail. If you can't find a specific message try selecting All Messages when searching.

Deleting Messages

You can delete one or more messages by long-pressing them and tapping   on the top-right.

Fax Status

The messages screen shows an indication of all faxes status.

There are three possible statuses for sent faxes. A fax initial status show as "Fax sending" while it is being processed. Once the fax has been sent it will either show as "Fax sent successful" or "Fax sent failed".

Usualy, a fax fails to send because it was not sent to a number that cannot accept faxes. On more rare occasions, it is also possible the Telebroad fax server is down. You can see the status of the server here. You can try to resend a failed fax by forwarding it to a new (correct) number (see fax options below.)

Received faxes have only one status and are shown as – "Fax received".

For sent faxes you will also get an email with the status of the fax and some additional details.

Sending a New Fax

Tapping   at the bottom-right corner of the messages screen will show the option to Compose New > Fax (and a new text message). 

A fax number must be active on your account to be able to send faxes, otherwise an error message will prompt you to contact Telebroad support. You can manage your fax lines in the TeleConsole's channels settings.

The fax will be delivered with the current caller ID as indicated at the top of the screen (347-436-7740 in the example shown here). This number is different than your actual eFax line number. You can tap the caller ID to change it and select a different outgoing fax number from the available list.

Enter a recipient's name or phone number (it can be associated with a physical fax machine or a virtual "device" like the TeleConsole). As you type, matching entries from your company or personal contacts will be shown. If the contact has more than one number, when you select the contact, all the numbers will be displayed for selection.

If you type a valid number that is not in your address book you need to tap    on your virtual keyboard (or Return or Enter if you have a physical keyboard paired with your device) to proceed.

Select the document to fax by tapping Attach PDF Document or Attach an image. All your available storage or image locations will be displayed. You can also Take a Photo of a printed document.

If the Internal storage is not shown tap Recent and then select Show internal storage from the menu on the top-right corner or, if you have one installed, try using a different file manager app.

When attaching an image you can crop it by dragging around the corner blue discs before tapping SELECT.


The PDF or picture you took or selected will show under File Selected. Tap   to remove it or select a different picture or PDF to replace it (only one file can be sent at a time).

Tapping SEND FAX will fax the selected file. A "sending fax" notification will show at the top of the screen to inform you the TeleConsole is processing the transmission. The fax will then appear in the messages screen with a "Fax sending" status (see more about fax statuses above.)

Fax Content and Options

Tap a fax message to display its content and related options. Faxes you received are shown as black and white images only.

Tap    on the top-right corner to display the following options:

  • Select Forward fax to open the Send Fax screen with the fax attached to it as a PDF file. You can choose to replace the file with another PDF or image before forwarding the fax.

  • Tap Add to Contacts and select the type/location of the contact. Select Android Device to create a new personal private contact on your device (you can further choose to save it locally on your device or to the address book of one of the accounts registered on it such as your Google account), Telebroad Cloud to create a new personal business contact or Add To Existing to add it to an existing contact.

    You can read about the difference between private and business contacts here.

    If the person already exists in your contacts you will see the option to see his details (View Contact) instead.

  • Share (or download) a PDF file of the fax. The available sharing/downloading options depend on your Android system setup and installed apps. Google native apps (such as Gmail or Drive) should always be available. 

    To download the file you need to select a file manager app (if the native file manager on your device is not displayed you need to install a 3rd party file manager like Cx File Explorer shown in the example here.)

    After selecting an app for sharing/downloading you need to select JUST ONCE or ALWAYS.

    If you select JUST ONCE the list of sharing options will display the next time you share a fax.

    If you select ALWAYS any future fax  will be shared with the option you just selected without the list being available. If you want to select a new sharing option go to your Android Settings and select Apps the app you have selected to Always share with (for example "Gmail"). Find and tap the Open by default option and tap CLEAR DEFAULTS (depending on your Android version and Android skin, you may only see a CLEAR DEFAULTS choice under the app's options.)

  • Tap Delete  to delete the entire fax message.

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